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    Mrs. Levin’s (that’s me!) step by step (sort of) guide to making flax seed hot cereal

    Step 1: Put flax seed meal in a bowl (I grind my own but you can buy pre-ground in the store- It goes bad VERY quickly though…and un-ground stays good in the fridge for up to a year)

    Step 2: Get a spoonful of “stuff”. I used apple butter for my stuff but you can use anything you want for flavor (fruit puree, maple syrup…whatever). Add it to the flax seed bowl.

    Step 3: Heat up some kind of milk (rice milk, soy milk, moo-cow fuck milk…whatever) in the microwave. I use about twice as much milk as flax in the bowl. Use whatever quantity you want, I don’t care.

    Step 4: Gradually add the milk whilst stirring. Keep doing this until you get the desired thickness

    Step 5: NOMNOMNOM

    Step 6: I CAN HAS MOAR? WANT!

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