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    Who I’m Voting For: A list of endorsements from your friendly neighborhood (disgruntled) Republican

    Usually this list comes with some detailed explanations as to why I’m voting for each candidate, but I’m too busy about to have a fucking baby to write them out now. Basically I’m a Registered Republican who’s a Social Libertarian who likes Smaller Governments, Zionism, Guns, and Legalized Everything in no particular order. I also like the “Fair Tax” a la Huckabee. 

    Term Limits: NO

    Elections and Government Administration: YES

    Attorney General: Gaetani (Libertarian)

    Comptroller: Wilson (Republican/Independence/Conservative)

    Senator: DioGuardi (Republican/Conservative/Taxpayers)

    Senator: Schumer (Democratic/Independence/Working Families) <— yeah he’s a Dem but I think he’s doing a good job

    Governor: Redlich (Libertarian)

    Lt. Governor: Gendelman (Anti-Prohibition)

    Congress: Faulkner (Republican) <— The guy who isn’t Rangel

    Assembly (71): Farrell (Democratic) <— yeah he’s a Dem but I think he’s doing a good job 

    State Senator (31) (I’m doing a write in candidate because I don’t like anyone on the ballot especially Espaillat):  Cecil Levin. Cecil Levin is my dog. He is an almost 3 year old Bouvier des Flandres (Flemish cattle herding dog) and has lived in Inwood since he was 3 months old. I think he would make a fine State Senator. I encourage all of you to vote for him. He’s in favor of same sex dog marriage, and taxed and regulated catnip. He cares about his community and will try to get as much funding as he can for dog-run upkeep. He’ll herd those idiots up in Albany and keep them in a cattle pen until they balance the budget, fix all the corruption and give him a biscuit. He’ll also pee on the MTA. 

    Seriously y’all- you need to go out and vote. Even if you aren’t voting for any of the people I’m voting for. Except CECIL LEVIN. You NEED to vote for CECIL LEVIN


    C-E-C-I-L    L-E-V-I-N  It’s about time Albany went to the Dogs. 

    here is a brief statement by Cecil

    — 3 years ago
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