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    Parshah Haiku: Noach

    Noach: (Genesis 6:9-11:32)

    G*d gets hella pissed/

    Noah sloshes around in an arc/

    Then gets really sloshed


    BONUS HAFTORAH HAIKU! (Isaiah 54:1-10)

    Isaiah says chill/

    G*d won’t get pissed off at Jews/

    Hills might collapse tho


    For those of you who missed last week’s haiku or  are desperately trying to block my poor attempts at pious poetry out of your minds-I’ve decided to write haikus for every parshah in the Torah! (goyim translation: I make a weekly 5-7-5 diddy about sections of ye olde testament)

    Read this weeks parshah!

    — 5 years ago
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