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    Palestinians: Probe Hamas for war crimes →

    Eleven Palestinian human rights groups have asked Hamas to conduct a credible internal investigation into allegations it committed war crimes during last winter’s war with Israel.

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    Parshah Haiku: Vayeitzei

    Vayeitzei- Genesis 28:10-32:3 

    Jake sees a ladder/

    Opens a can of whoop Ass/

    And begets 12 sons



    Read Past Parshah Haikus!! -toldot -chayei sarah -vayeira -lech lecha -noach -bereshit

    For those of you who missed previous week’s haiku or are desperately trying to block my poor attempts at pious poetry out of your minds-I’ve decided to write haikus for every parshah in the Torah! (goyim translation: I make a weekly 5-7-5 diddy about sections of ye olde testament)

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